implementasi program hafalan Al-Qur'an di SMP Islam Mbah Bolong Jombang

  • khoirun nisa' Universitas KH. Abdul wahab Hasbullah (UNWAHA) Tambakberas Jombang
  • Chusnul Chotimah UNWAHA Tambakberas Jombang
Keywords: Al-Qur’an memotization Program, Islamic Junior high school Student


this school is classified as a private high school which has excellent programs as local content by implementing the Al-Qur’an memorization program. Each class must be able to achieve the memorization that has been determined by the school as a rote target. This study aims to (1) Know the implementation of local recitation program for memorizing Al-Qur’an (2) Knowing how the implementation and assessment of the Al-Qur’an memorization program in the school. The results of this study indicate that SMP Islamic Mbah Bolong Jombang has implemented a memorization program of the Al-Qur’an as a froom of implemtation of the local content curriculum aas well as the provision of the school founders. Learning outcomes in the froom of aral and written examination.


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