Peran Pasar Tradisional dalam Mobilisasi Peningkatan Pendapatan Pedagang

(Studi Kasus Pasar Sekaran Kab. Lamongan)


  • Imro'atush Sholihah Institut Agama Islam Bani Fattah Jombang Indonesia


Traditional Markets, Economic Mobility, Increased Merchant Income


Abstract: As the foundation of the community's economy, traditional markets are one of the places that play an important role in developing the community's economic system. The center of community economic activity that occurs in traditional markets has encouraged the growth of settlements and other socio-economic activities around traditional markets. This research aims to determine the extent of the role of the Sekaran traditional market in driving an increase in traders' income. This type of research uses field research methods that use qualitative methods with a descriptive approach. Data collection techniques use observation, interviews and documentation. Observation aims to observe current market conditions. Interviews were conducted with market managers and related parties, as well as local communities who are also traders and buyers at the Sekaran traditional market. The research results show that the Sekaran traditional market is a place that plays an important role in increasing traders' income. The Sekaran traditional market also plays an important role in economic development factors. Cheaper product prices, more varied products sold, operational hours and strategic market locations as well as other supporting factors such as developing facilities and improving market infrastructure have provided a significant increase in the income earned by traders. Sekaran traditional market. Then, in general, market conditions, which are always busy with buyers every day, also influence the increase in income of the Sekaran traditional market. The Sekaran traditional market contributes primarily to making it easier for traders to distribute, promote and market goods in the form of local products ranging from agricultural products, plantations, fisheries food, home industry products, etc. to consumers or buyers directly.


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